How to find the GIFT in every big change

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In the TEDX talk by Danny Johnson called , Danny describes how after experiencing many events in her life where she had to start again, she shares how to find the GIFT in every life event.

G stands for Grieve. Always spend some time grieving for what you’ve lost. It could be a family member, best friend, your spouse when you get divorced, or simply something in your life you loved but you no longer have.

Some people think you can skip this bit, but that’s unwise. Maybe crying isn’t appropriate, but instead, you could be…

The state of achieving is what life is. Reaching your goal is what life was. You want to expand. It’s what we’re born to do. The present moment is when…

How I reduced my monthly costs 6-fold. A decade ago my monthly costs were £3000, now they are £500. How did I do it? Back then I supported a wife and two teenagers. The teenagers went to college, then got jobs, and became self-sufficient. I aggressively reduced the family budget. A few years ago my wife and I separated(the two are not related, BTW).

We sold the family home and I bought a small apartment. I sold the big car and bought a small, inexpensive model. I paid off all loans — house, car, everything. No debts. Then I aggressively…

How to control how things turn out. Spend a lot of your time thinking negative thoughts and you’ll never control how your life turns out. Keep negative thoughts away by thinking positive thoughts. Negative thoughts are not your nature. So why do they happen? Sadly, lots of people think negative thoughts, and we learn from others all the time.

You know what you don’t want, which provides a contrast to what you want. Focus on what you want. Feel good about it. Negative thoughts and feelings are a clue to what you need to change or fix. Your purpose in life is joy. Stay with what feels good to you.

You are more powerful in the present moment. Listen to good feelings and thoughts. Focus on them. When you think positively, notice what happens afterwards. It’s always good. If you control how you feel, you control how things turn out.

Stop trying to find what you love doing, instead, learn to love what you’re already doing. It’s a closed-loop that spirals ever downward when you hate what you’re doing. You…

How to stay positive during difficult times. The solution is quite simple: stop focusing on difficult situations or things. Not so easy to do? It can be. The only thing…

Expect miracles in your life and you will get them. Simplistic? Ridiculous? Perhaps. But actually, it’s the way the Universe works. What you expect, you get. There is certainty in expectation. So if you expect miracles, you will attract them. But how does it work in practice?

You naturally attract what you think about unless you have opposing thoughts. The latter is what trips people up. Momentum is something you allow. When your desires and beliefs are the same you have strong attraction. You don’t use the law of attraction, it uses you. It’s like gravity.

You can be a part of the process. Expect miracles and inspired thought will lead you to them. Most people only expect what they can already see. Allow the thoughts that feel good. The thrill of the emotions, and the excitement of anticipation, puts you in the flow of receiving what you really want.

I made 3 changes, and they worked!

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I’m not sure when it started. It was at least a year ago, maybe two. But now it’s very noticeable. My mattress sags in the middle. It squashes my body into a dip, and it’s affecting my back and the health of my spine.

The first change was obvious and had an immediate effect

At the same rate as the dip appearing, my back had been aching more and more. So I started sleeping on the floor. The first night my bones ached and I was stiff when I got up the next morning. But I persevered. I added some…

What you want also wants you. People often struggle to get what they want, yet the principles behind attracting the perfect life are much simpler than you might imagine. Talk about only what you want.

That’s it. It’s not really any more complicated. Focus on what you want. Sadly, many people don’t do that. They complain about what they have or stew about their situation. They let their emotions, anger, or frustration surface, focusing on what they have instead of what they want. This blocks you.

Okay, it’s harder to see what you don’t have. But with practice, you can do it. Visualise. Imagine. See it in your mind. Talk about what you want, never about what you don’t want. You deserve what you want.

Go with the flow and the thoughts that feel good. You are invincible and in competition with nobody but yourself. What you want wants you.

How to succeed with a new start-up. Years ago I launched a start-up training small business owners on how to use applications on the new Apple Mac computers (they were…

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